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    Gaining a perspective on what challenges us is key; however, stepping back and getting wise to the problem can seem almost impossible. With understanding and practicing emotional regulation we can gain perspective and develop more effective strategies for meeting individual goals. There are many different means to gaining the perspective we need to thrive. Counselling is one way.

I believe:

  •  therapy can only occur when the client feels respected;

  • therapy is talking about things we don’t ordinarily talk about, or talking about the things we do talk about in a different kind of way;

  • safety and risk are different sides of the same coin; in therapy we need to create safety in order to take risk;

  • individuals, couples, and families can benefit greatly by learning about and employing constructive dispute resolution strategies;

  • when we become polarized with either a problem or another person we often develop beliefs about the problem or the other person that fail to take into account the full range of interests;

  • learning to quiet the internal dialogue is fundamental to hearing the fuller voice of ourselves;

  • being aware of the messages that our body gives us is the first step in emotional savvy. 

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